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Rare Earth Salts for the Water-Related Industry

When it comes to providing chemical catalysts for the water-related industry, SAMCA Intl. has you covered. Our wide selection of rare earth salts and phosphate removers are ready to impress you with their performance. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you have about the different products available from our chemical company.

The Importance of Phosphate Removal

Phosphate (PO4) removal is an important factor in the upkeep of pools, aquariums, reef aquariums, ponds, wastewater, and even saltwater. That is why our company works with some of the best pool chemical manufacturing companies from around the world to offer rare earth (RE) salts capable of efficiently removing the phosphate from various industrial applications.

To help you get the results you are after, our team offers custom-made RE salts that are optimized for your situation. Not only that, but we also offer Chitosan products for additional water treatment applications. Let our team make sure you have everything you need to remove phosphate effectively from your water. With our help, you will be able to see a drastic improvement in just how successful you are when it comes to maintaining your different water-related projects.


Main content: (TREO) 45.58%

Other RE Content (%Max)
La2O3 <99.95 
CeO2 <0.01
Pr6O11 <0.01 
Nd2O3 <0.01 
Sm2O3 <0.01 

Non-RE Foreign Matter (ppm Max)  CaO - 0.56
 Fe2O3 - 0.001
 PbO <0.002
 MgO - 0.34
 ZnO - 0.0046
Cl - 0.08

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