Water Related Industry

Water Related Industry

Phosphate (PO4) Removal is an important factor in the Pools, Saltwater, aquarium/reef aquarium, ponds and wastewater etc. SAMCA works with Pool Chemical manufacturing companies around the world offering Rare Earth (RE) salts and custom made RE salts optimizing the efficiency in removing the phosphate from various industrial applications. We also offer Chitosan products for the water treatment applications.


Main content: (TREO) 45.58%

Other RE Content (%Max)
La2O3 <99.95 
CeO2 <0.01
Pr6O11 <0.01 
Nd2O3 <0.01 
Sm2O3 <0.01 

Non-RE Foreign Matter (ppm Max)  CaO - 0.56
 Fe2O3 - 0.001
 PbO <0.002
 MgO - 0.34
 ZnO - 0.0046
Cl - 0.08

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SAMCA International, Inc. with strengths in cutting edge technology, serves various business segments including: Catalyst Industries, Automotive, Ophthalmic, Water Treatment, Rare earth, Microwave Resonators.


  • Alumina
  • Rare Earth Salts
  • Precast Concrete
  • Spent Catalyst
  • Resonator Dielectric Metals

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