Surface Polishing

Surface Polishing

Car Polishing

Automotive Industries use very specially formulated materials to polish the painted surface both for OEMs and after automotive markets. Samca provides custom-made raw material that can work with every individual companies that manufacture auto polish. We use various synthesis methods to manufacture pure and substituted fine aluminium oxide powders which help the industries to optimize the optimum loading of alumina particles, reducing the cost of final product without sacrificing the final surface quality.

Boat/Airplane polishing

For these industries, the surface is like Automotive at the same time it is different. Even though Alumina is utilized in the formulation, these industries require different type of alumina and we use our novel techniques to manufacture fine alumina compound (pure and substituted) that is provided to companies that manufacture formulated polish for these industries. These polishes can also be modified or formulated, so and? Can be used to polish wood and other surfaces including stone surface.

Clay Specification

SR. NO. Various Clay Al2O3 (%) SiO2 (%) TiO2 (%) Fe2O3 (%) L.O.I (%)
1 Clay DI 101 50 25 3.5 1.5 20
2 Clay DI 102 24 59 1.4 2 13
3 Clay DI 103 22 70 0.4 1.92 5.40
4 Clay DI 103 22 70.5 0.5 1.5 5.35


  • The alumina has typically has >98 % alpha phase and are greater than 99.99 % pure
  • We use various processing methods to control the alpha phase, particle size and distribution and supports different polishing pads that are used in the industries

The below table is only a representative and these products can be custom made to the requirements for the individual customers

Particle Size Distribution pH (15% in water) Bulk Density
D50 D97
um um -- g/cm3
9.6 36.0 10.0 0.55
11.5 31.5 10.0 0.47
11.5 35.3 10.0 0.53
15.6 39 10.0 0.54
19 42 10.0 0.55

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