Surface Polishing

Surface Finishing with Quality Materials

With the right chemical catalysts, you are able to create more attractive, polished surfaces for cars, boats, airplanes, and more. SAMCA Intl. provides you with everything you need for proper surface finishing, including the raw materials for manufacturing your own products.

Car Polishing

The automotive industry uses specially-formulated materials to polish the painted surface of both OEM and aftermarket automotive products. Our chemical company provides the companies in this industry the custom-made, raw materials they need to manufacture their own effective auto polish.

Using only the best in synthesis methods, we manufacture pure and substituted fine aluminum oxide powders that help the auto industry to optimize the loading of alumina particles, which reduces the cost of the final product without sacrificing the final surface quality. Reach out today to learn all about creating your own polishes using our materials.

Boat & Airplane polishing

While the goal of polishing the surfaces of a boat or airplane might be the same as polishing the surfaces of an automobile, the process is actually rather different. Alumina is still utilized in the formulation, but the type is different for each surface. That is why we use our novel techniques to manufacture a fine alumina compound (pure and substituted) that helps companies in both the boating and aviation industries manufacture their own formulated polishes. These polishes can also be formulated to work on wood and stone surfaces.

Clay Specification

SR. NO. Various Clay Al2O3 (%) SiO2 (%) TiO2 (%) Fe2O3 (%) L.O.I (%)
1 Clay DI 101 50 25 3.5 1.5 20
2 Clay DI 102 24 59 1.4 2 13
3 Clay DI 103 22 70 0.4 1.92 5.40
4 Clay DI 103 22 70.5 0.5 1.5 5.35


  • The alumina has typically has >98 % alpha phase and are greater than 99.99 % pure
  • We use various processing methods to control the alpha phase, particle size and distribution and supports different polishing pads that are used in the industries

The below table is only a representative and these products can be custom made to the requirements for the individual customers

Particle Size Distribution pH (15% in water) Bulk Density
D50 D97
um um -- g/cm3
9.6 36.0 10.0 0.55
11.5 31.5 10.0 0.47
11.5 35.3 10.0 0.53
15.6 39 10.0 0.54
19 42 10.0 0.55

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